Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about The Titanic. They have researched the lives of real life 1st, 2nd and 3rd  class passengers and listened to their accounts of that fateful night. They have led their own historical  enquiry into why it sank and who was to blame…. they have discovered at least 10 mistakes that led to it sinking! They have made some fabulous artefacts that could have been from the ship – have a look!  There are clay, lego, cardboard, wooden and foam models, diary entries, tickets, menus, pocket watches, Benjamin Guggenheim’s personal box, an apple meringue cake from the 1st class menu, crockery with the official Titanic design, a precious necklace made from resin, Fred Fleet’s binoculars that were locked up, the statue from the grand staircase, the distress rocket, a mirror and many other items!

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