Children at Hale Preparatory School use the Internet on a frequent basis as part of their learning. In school, we educate the children regularly about ‘e-safety’ to remind them of the importance of keeping themselves safe online.

At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society and materials.

We believe that by fostering a sensible approach at home and at school, we will be able to equip children with the skills they need to become responsible users of technology. Here are some tips and useful links to help you to keep your child safe online at home:

  • Explore e-safety sites – There are lots of links to useful e-safety sites for children below. Take time to browse through them with your child.
  • Discourage the use of social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram) under the age of 13.
  • Keep your computer in a shared area, specifically not in bedrooms – talk to your child about what they are doing online and, if possible, set up your computer in a shared area at home so that you can be aware of the sites your children are accessing.
  • Ensure that your child does not give out any personal details to people they may meet online including on games consoles such as Xbox and PS3.
  • Ensure that games played on the Xbox and PS3 are age appropriate.
  • Encourage the use of search engines designed specifically for children such as Safe Search and

Further Information
Further information from the Department of Education is available here