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Letter re PLAS MENAI

Letter re Maypole Club

Sent 12 March 2019

Dear Parents It would appear that there is an occurrence of head lice in the class. You may find the advice below useful which is from the NHS website:

“Treat head lice as soon as you spot them. You should check everyone in the house and start treating anyone who has head lice on the same day. There’s no need to keep your child off school if they have head lice. Wet combing Lice and nits can be removed by wet combing. You should try this method first. You can buy a special fine-toothed comb (detection comb) online or from pharmacies to remove head lice and nits. There may be instructions on the pack, but usually you: wash hair with ordinary shampoo apply lots of conditioner (any conditioner will do) comb the whole head of hair, from the roots to the ends It usually takes about 10 minutes to comb short hair, and 20 to 30 minutes for long, frizzy or curly hair. Do wet combing on days 1, 5, 9 and 13 to catch any newly hatched head lice. Check again that everyone’s hair is free of lice on day 17.”

A vigorous nightly combing of the hair with the appropriate comb is the most effective method of keeping heads clear of both nits and lice. It would be appreciated if you could check your child’s hair and if there is evidence of head lice act accordingly. Naturally we all need to work together if we are to eliminate this problem; it only takes one parent to be less vigilant and the problem reoccurs. Many thanks for your support and help. Yours faithfully Mrs Larner and Mrs Leyland